I want to help B2B SaaS startups and founders succeed

This is not the classic "I built my first program when I was 5 years old" story, no (actually I was 22 when that happened). Much like everyone else, my relationship with technology and software started as me being the go-to friend when the printer was not working, but sadly I was not introduced to programming until much later.

It all started when I had to drop out of college to go back to my city and work with my father. We provided consultancy services to companies looking to improve their business processes using software. The idea was to assist them on the implementation of existing software plus offer custom solutions built with BPMSs (Business Process Management Suites, the OG no-code in the 2010s) and BI (Business Intelligence).

After 4 years of working with companies in different industries, we realized that we could optimize our business by building a vertical software solution that could serve several companies with the same product. We made many mistakes along the way, the biggest of which was to rely for too long on the BPMSs platform (we were building our house in someone else's land); so in 2015 we decided to pivot our business and tech in order to build a B2B SaaS, and that's how 4TUNA was born and I became a tech startup founder.

After 6 years of failing and learning, and sometimes winning big, I was burned out and realized I needed a reboot in my life. In 2021 I decided to switch lanes and started working as a contributor for startups and their founders.

Is this the end of my journey as a founder? I don't think so, and I know that my inner founder will come out in the near future. In the meantime, I have so many things I've learned and want to share. It's time to start pouring it into content.